Collection: Crystal aromatherapy crackling wooden wick candles

Set the mood and energy of your space with our gorgeous Crystal Wooden Wick Candle Collection. Handcrafted with a luxurious beeswax coconut soy wax blend, the finest premium essential oils, and fragrances for an enriching and unique sensory experience.

1. Locally made in small batches right here in Astoria, Oregon by Magical Bee shop owners Dan & James

2. Made from our 100% beeswax coconut soy wax blend.

3. Exclusively crafted with our absolute best proprietary fragrance collection and 100% pure essential oils.

4. Non-toxic, phthalate-free, eco-friendly, no parabens, mutagens, carcinogenic compounds, no Prop 65 ingredients. Lung and breathing friendly.

5. Our wicks are made of all-natural cedarwood.

6. Unique and repurpose-friendly candle jars.

7. Truly unique variety of candles (woodsy, floral, citrus, herbaceous, sweet, & more) Something for everyone!

8. Infused with gemstones, crystals, and stones, with unique vibrational signatures for enhanced emotional benefits.

9. Our Crackling wooden wicks release a soothing gentle sound that can help you feel at ease and let go of stress.