About the Magical Bee

The Magical Bee

The Magical Bee is now 4 years old! We chose this name because the bee is truly a magical animal! Everything it does and creates is beneficial. Without our dear friend the honey bee, the fabulous ingredients for our products from the herbs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds would not exist! From pollinating flowers to being vital for the health of our environment and ecosystem, bees are amazing! 

The creators: Dan & James Carter.

We have always been enthusiasts of premium candles, soaps, herbs, and essential oils our whole lives. When we met and learned we both have a passion for creating and making, as a couple we decided to purchase a block of beeswax and start creating and experimenting making our own products! Dan is an artist and art enthusiast & James is an acupuncturist and herbalist. We put our brains together and eventually we mastered the art of creating unique and beautiful candles, artisan soaps, self care products and more.. The rest, is history.

 Why purchase our handmade soaps and candles?

Since everything is handmade, we know what goes into them! Ingredients are intentional, safe, and useful. Our candles & soaps are very different than big-box/commercial candles & soaps you have already purchased in stores. Those products are created to be produced as quickly and cheaply as possible, and this means they most often contain highly processed, allergenic, and possibly toxic ingredients and additives. In contrast, we use premium ingredients, premium essential oils, nontoxic phthalate-free fragrance oils, natural waxes, food grade oils and butters, organic & local ingredients whenever possible. Most of all, our products are made with intention & love.

We love what we do, and care about our customers.

We would like to inform you that it is expected each of our products is slightly different. This is normal and we are convinced it adds to the character and uniqueness of our fine artisan goods.

We love the incredible quality and uniqueness of the products, and we hope you find them fantastic for yourself and as gifts for your loved ones!