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Cascade Forest Candle (Blue Spruce/Fir/Cedar)

Cascade Forest Candle (Blue Spruce/Fir/Cedar)

This candle has a beautiful aroma of the Pacific northwest. and surrounding cascades. We use our own formulation of essential oils that includes douglas fir, Siberian fir, Fraser fir, blue spruce, cedarwood, cypress, and Juniper. Extracted from the resins of these strong and  majestic trees, the combination fills your space with a scent that is refreshing, foresty, and magical. It smells like a clean, quiet, untouched, and serene forest. This is one of our most popular candles and a great choice when you want to bring the essence of a beautiful forest into your space. A safe and clean burning choice.

We use the finest quality eco-conscious ingredients, such as sustainably and responsibly sourced beeswax, coconut and soy wax, Organic coconut oil, hemp/cotton wicks, in a high-quality glass jar, with nontoxic essential oils, phthalate-free eco-friendly fragrance scents, with the benefits of infused Himalayan salt for negative ion release. All hand-poured in small batches for you to enjoy. We use 22 oz. apothecary jars for our candles. This is nearly a pound of wax!

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