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Bath Salts with Rose Essential absolute oil

Bath Salts with Rose Essential absolute oil

This bath salt blend is formulated with our own natural rose essential oil blend with rose absolute. The aromatherapeutic properties of rose help to nurture and support our emotional hearts. To create a skin-nourishing bath salt blend we also incorporate rose clay powder, organic calendula flower powder, and organic chamomile powder. This is the perfect blend for someone looking to give themselves compassionate self-care and TLC!

Instructions: Sprinkle 2-5 tablespoons into your bath as warm water fills your tub, once your salts are dissolved in the tub, step in and enjoy your relaxing soak.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, sodium bicarbonate, rose clay powder organic calendula flower powder, organic chamomile powder, rose buds, organic calendula flowers, rose essential oil blend, rose absolute oil.

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